Friday, 12 December 2008

What have I learnt?


This is probably ridden with clich├ęs but I just couldn't help myself.

I’ve learnt to be thankful;
For big things,
For little things,
For everything.

I’ve learnt to be patient;
Knowing that things will definitely and always work out.

I’ve learnt to believe;
In myself, knowing that anything I set my heart & mind to, I can do.
In God, knowing that everything I ask in faith, He can do.

I’ve learnt my strengths and my weaknesses;
Knowing to accept the things I can not change and striving to make better the things I can.

I’ve learnt to persevere;
Knowing that I’ll come out stronger after every hurdle.

I’ve learnt that though we are separated by boundaries, borders and language;
We are all the same.

I’ve learnt to make meals from almost anything,
And ‘veggies’ aren’t so bad.

I’ve learnt to listen more and talk less;
There’s a lot to be learnt from holding my tongue.

I’ve learnt to forgive;
Life is too short to dwell on things that don’t matter.

I’ve learnt that there are good people and better people;
Why worry about the not-so good people?

I’ve learnt that;
To receive, I have to give and
To give, I have to receive.

I’ve learnt to focus, aim and shoot;
With my mind and my camera.

I’ve learnt to let go;
Knowing that the universe is watching over and will take care of me.

I’ve learnt to Love;
Others, Life, Myself, My sister, My family and My God.
For without love, I am nothing and have gained nothing.

I’m in love…


I’m in love with a big city.
It’s such a big and enchanting city (our definition of enchanting might not necessarily be the same.)
It is a city that has a life of its own and feels likes it has many faces. It reminds me a lot of Lagos, Abuja, Dakar and some other cities I’ve been all rolled into one.

Lagos, because of the bustle and the pulse of the city you can almost feel. Also the many ‘flyovers’ scattered across the city.(though it’s a lot neater than Lagos)

Abuja, because of the high rise buildings dotting the skyline.

Dakar, because of the wide streets and high ways, and of course the smartly dressed people, going along, chatting in French or simply minding their own business.

Abidjan reminds me of home, yet it’s different in its own unique way. The city makes me feels as if there’s still a lot to see, still a lot to do.
We went to other places, not that we didn’t. San Pedro, border town in Ivory Coast from Liberia, quaint beautiful little town but it couldn’t quite compare to Abidjan. I’m tempted to stay on but I know I must leave; for now.

I’ll definitely be coming back, how soon I don’t know but soon enough to come and continue my love affair with this beautiful and enchanting big city