Monday, 18 May 2009

Robbed in Douala


Robbed in Douala
We were robbed today. I’m still trying to get over it.
We had concluded our business in Douala and were heading to Limbe, a coastal town in the west of Cameroon for a weekend on the beach. From our hosts place in Bonapriso, we took a taxi to Round Point( pronounced Ron pon in french) to board another taxi to Limbe.

As we got to the taxi park, a group of about 10 young men swooped on us, pulling us in different angles, some selling bread, all pretending to be cab drivers trying to convince us to get into their own cab. In the confusion, I noticed that Oluchi’s bag had been opened and the compartment that held our passports was spilling its contents with some documents falling out. I quickly called her attention to it and I heard someone whispering to us to be careful that we could be robbed here.

Belatedly, I remembered my phone which I had hurriedly thrown into my handbag as we were leaving my hosts’ place. Too late, it had already been stolen. I couldn’t believe it! I couldn’t fucking believe it! This happened in less than 2 minutes! What the hell?! Me? A lagos babe? Robbed in Douala? Impossible! Travelling through my 14th country and I get robbed after all this time?

I confess, I totally lost my cool. My body was shaking as I broke into a cold sweat. As I looked around me, suddenly everyone looked like a thief. Naughty Cameroon, I don’t like you anymore!

Needless to say, we didn’t go to Limbe anymore as I had the numbers of the guys who would be hosting us on the phone. Kai! I cried o! Mind you, this was not just a phone, it was a PDA/ Pocket-PC/Phone/GPS/Camera, this was a ‘correct machine’ as we say in Naija. I don’t even know if the thief would be able to use it. Heck , it took me two weeks to figure out the basics.

I’m trying very hard to love thief and pray for him to have a better life and stop stealing. I realise I owe the motor-park touts in Lagos an apology for all the times I’d been mean to them because I’m proud to say this would never have happened at a taxi park in Lagos. You can take that to the bank!

Anyway whatever happens, I’m still celebrating, still keeping it rocking. You can’t stop the shining, I still love Africa.


Chet Bashari Anekwe said...

Wow! I am glad you are safe and it wasn't a violent robbery. Please be careful!

Keep celebrating Africa!

!!Estella!! said...

Cameroun!! That's shameful! A disgrace!

AM glad you gurls are safe, a PDA or even money is not equal to your lives/safety dears.

God's safety the rest of the trip. And we pray only for good news from you anywhere you go. Amen.

OlaMichael said...

E ya! Chioma and Oluchi, bless your hearts. Thank God you're safe.

Chioma, that's the phone you showed me isn't it? Pele... you'll get a better one soon.

Chioma said...

Thanks people. @OlaM, it's that phone o but it's ok, someone has already donated another one.

The Bookaholic said...

Sorry, there will always be challenges on the road to success. Good to know you are still at it! The relentless spirit sees it all...

StandTall-The Activist said...

I am so so sorry to hear this. This is terrible and unfair. I am sorry.
Glad someone donated another phone to you and were you able to get back to the guys you were arranging to meet?

Mark Benson said...

Simply true as the writer says I love Africa whatever takes place. Africa is home to so much beauty that travellers keep on coming to its destinations knowing the dangers the places behold. Many tourists take flights to Douala each year due to the scenic views, the wild life and much much more.

Anonymous said...

shame...Oluchi and chioma, next time "one eye in front the other at the back" as my people say. Don t worry pick pockets are even in europe