Friday, 12 September 2008

Any beautiful day...

As time goes by, i wonder where the day has gone.

Its been 4days in Senegal and it feels like i've always lived here. Its a friendly and peaceful environment, with everybody trying to help especially when they understand that you dont speak French. The day flies by really quickly because there's so much to do.

I've always heard people say that Senegalese women are beautiful but i didnt quite understand what they meant until i experienced it first hand. They are easily the most beautiful women i have come across yet in Africa and i say yet because i havent travelled wide and there is still a lot to see.

From their slim tall figures, to their beautiful smiles to their lovely faces, i would say God took a little extra time creating these women.

All around me here, i see a clear appreciation of the body, beauty and skin that is African. With a wrapper around their waist and a spring in their step, they swing along to some unheard tune playing in the distance.

I'm thankful that im not a man and not in the least inclined towards women, i would have had my plate full contemplating what to say to these 'works of art'. Instead, ill say to a creator who did a great job and took a holiday afterwards...Good job Monsieur Dieu!


bello.fighting.ignorance said...

I'm headed there, men!
Asam pete yanfu yanfu?
I'm gone!!!!

Red Sapphire said...

Lol @ bello.fighting.ignorance.
Its my first tyme here and i am so diggin it.I can't imagine i had been missing out on the plenty gist.
Doing my blog rounds right about now.

ShonaVixen said...

first time here (thanx to Red Sapphire) and look forward to more news about your travels!!

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