Friday, 12 September 2008

Celebrates Africa Makes Two

09/09/08 .
Hooray! we are now officially a team – Team Celebrate Africa – with the addition of Oluchi to the hoofing it, sightseeing, bus-riding, strange food-eating, Celebrating Africa partnership.

Not that this significant milestone was achieved without some struggle...

Two months after the journey began, my sister Oluchi has joined the Celebrate Africa team. She arrived in Dakar on the 6th of September, with much anticipation and excitement on my part. I am very excited to have company on this journey but this also means that I have to adjust to not running the show alone now.
In December last year when I began making concrete plans for CA, Oluchi did a lot of the planning with me, with the intention to do the trip together. However, as time went by she lost her nerve, and said she couldn’t do it just yet as it would mean leaving her job, leaving the family etc etc. You know that long whine of the uncommitted! After just one week in Accra during the first week of CA, she became a thorough-going convert: she promptly went back home and resigned her job.

Our travelling partnership is now three days old, time we have spent trying to gauge each other’s rhythm. I’ve bitten my tongue when the impulse to scream at her for mishandling the video camera – by my perfectionist standards -becomes almost uncontrollable! She’s been trying not to become exasperated – but I can feel the eyes rolling and the little intake of breath that goes along with that - with my wanting to attend to every detail.

We are going to have fun together, as long as we don’t end up killing each other before the year ends. I have to try and not ‘big sister’ her – hey, after all we are partners – the sisterhood of the Africa Celebrators, right? That’s cool long as I’m the principal partner, ok, Oluchi?

Oluchi will be focusing mainly on filming and interviews with the various charming Africans we come across. You can read more about her on the website. I am sure you will agree that it was a great idea for her to join me on the road. Big welcome, Sis and Junior Partner.


Standtall said...

Hi dear. I have being ill hence. How r you? I gave you an award on my blog. Check it out

Chioma said...

Thanks Standtall, I'll check it out. I hope you're better now.
Take care

Standtall said...

u r welcome. I will like to have ur email address ad I wont mind having the honour of interviewing u in one of my "Interview Thursday" series on my blog.

My email is WIll like to have a YES!

The Invisible Man said...

Chioma, thanks for visiting by blog. You think its funny now eh? Wait till I have enough traffic and watch me unleash.

Oluchi should make good shots o! cause some of us go wan buy copy of this project when u finish. Inshort make I start to bok ahead already. Stay fine and safe. Catch ya!

It's your girlfriend in London. said...

Chioma, have I ever told you I love you? Well, I do.

The first thing I thought when I read of Zina saro-wiwa on Jeremy's blog was that the two of you should partner and that you must ensure your clips are widely circulated when you are done with this trip. I hope you get her details.

I hope I'll be able to contact Ben TV at some point. Perhaps you can come to some kind of 'agreement' too.