Monday, 20 October 2008

Three Glorious Months


 Three Glorious Months

 Wow! I almost can’t believe its 3 months already! Sometimes it feels like it was just yesterday that said goodbye to my family with tears in my eyes and a song in my heart. I have gone through 7 countries, experienced a wide range of emotions; sometimes very happy, very angry a few times. I have felt frustrated and been awed at other times. The one thing I have not felt is regret.

 I have met different people, some have become lifetime friends. I have had 3 marriage proposals (believe it), been invited to become a fraudster (I was so angry I almost had a coronary), partied all night and slept all day. I now know how to say ‘thank you’ and ‘hello’ in 5 more African languages. My French has moved from non-existent to ‘un pe, un pe’. I can now do local currency conversions in my head, from CFA to dalasi to naira.

 I have not kept some promises I made to my self, like blogging everyday, working with non-profit organisations and filming everything. That’s part of the journey; if it’s not practical then it probably won’t get done.

 In 3 months the website has nearly 3,000 hits from diverse countries, some with names I can’t even pronounce. We get emails everyday from people wishing us well and telling how they have been inspired. Some of these comments are unbelievable because we can’t seem to understand how some silly dream became such an inspiration but I am thankful that it is so.

 Things have become even more dramatic, since Oluchi joined. Now I have someone to annoy, gist with and be a general nuisance. A girl can’t ask for a better travelling partner especially if she comes with great packing skills, I think that came from her stint in shipping.

 In all it has been a fantastic (I like that word) three months and we look forward to another beautiful nine months. If only we had a major sponsor to take our money worries away.

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Standtall said...

This is how great inventions that take the world by storm are born. Someone concieves an idea and let it germinate and it explodes. That's what you have done my sister. I am proud of you!