Saturday, 19 July 2008

Six days on the road.

Six days on the road.

Boy! Have I had a good time or what? I’ve gone to the museum, been to an Obama Rally that didn’t happen, gotten a killer hangover, visited the botanical gardens in the hills in Aburi, got hit on by dreadlocked guys on the beach in Cape coast looking to score with any foreigner, even if you’re from Nigeria, visited an essential oil processing plantation, stayed up all night, all in six days!
I got a great confidence boost when I met June, a Kenyan, who travelled across Africa in a straight line, through conflict zones for the BBC. She was very enthusiastic and encouraged me to go for it, saying it’s going to change my life for the better if I do. She’s also volunteered to give me some contacts and we talked about how we could eventually develop a contact pool for anyone who wanted to do this trip. Sounds like a great idea, something worth looking into.

Next week promises to be activity-packed as well and it looks like I’m going to have to turn down some invitations. I’ll be visiting some towns up north as I move towards the boundary between Ghana and Burkina Faso. I’ll be making stopovers in Kumasi, Tamale and Bolgatonga.

Right now, we’re in Takoradi, a quiet peaceful town in the western region. If you ever want to go on vacation in Ghana, make sure you visit Takoradi. It’s a beautiful city, with a great view anywhere you are and green everywhere. There are several beaches within walking distances and hills for you to go hiking on if you wish. We’re staying at a lovely house up on a hill with a view of the ocean and lovely garden with exotic flowers. Yeah, it’s a good life.
I’m creating a page on the Celebrate Africa website for every country I visit, so you can read all about the people I’ve been meeting on the what’s new page.


Anonymous said...

keep this up girl and make sure u take some medications with u incase u catch something from the food or water.

Lolade said...

Hey Chioma,
How is it going? I wish I could be on this trip with you as I've always dreamt of doing the same. Anyways, I thought you should have made stops in Benin and Togo and not just riding through in the cool comfort of ABC's ac bus. You could have enjoyed la vie francophonie of the folks around there.
Have an interesting journey and bring back great memories.

Chioma said...

Thanks Stella & Lolade.

@ Lolade, of course, i'll be stopping over in Benin and Togo on my way to the Central african region. Look at my route on the website.

Ngozi O. (Esq.) said...

I love travelling .Thats ma hobby... and lovely adventures too.Its great to be an adventurous traveller.Very soon your journey will be extended across the shores of Africa and thats a prophetic prayer that you must not miss to claim.Please pray for all your suffering brothers and sisters in Africa as you journey along.God bless you.

Maya said...

Hi Chioma,
It was great meeting you yesterday at Honeysuckle. Hope to see you at the blogmeet tomorrow. If not, enjoy your travels and I hope to see you again soon!

My blog is


Rodrigo, o Soneca, Pontes said...

Oi, menina linda!!

Yes, I am reading your blog, girl!! :)
I read it all today to catch up, but now I will follow it closer...
I wish you to have fun, to have laughs, to have hugs, to have dreams.

Good luck, pretty girl.

I miss you, you know? :) Someday I will meet you somewhere in Africa.

Kisses and Smiles,


Chioma said...

Oi Soneca, meu querido. Thank you so much for your message, yeah i beleive we'll see again sometime in the future. Muitos saudades e beijos.

Thanks @Ngozi and Maya.

Grahamn Kracker said...

Oh, darn! The Obama rally didn't happen! Still wish you could vote in the US.

Enamekere said...

What a venture! I like the spirit and the push. Well done my dear. God will see you through. A sweet smile for you from Idaresit and thumbs up from Nse.
Enjoy yourself.