Monday, 7 July 2008

Two send-off parties and a new beginning.

July 1st 2008

Two send-off parties and a new beginning.

Last night, I went to the movies with my friends and family. Ordinarily, it wouldn’t really be significant except that for the next year, I wont be going to the movies with my friends and family every Monday as I usually do. So, last night we had a send-off gathering for me, drinks and the movies. Everybody kept asking me if I was really going to do this. For about 30 minutes they took shots at me in jest, Jide called me foolhardy, Funmi called me crazy, Ijeoma said ‘the wildlife in Africa is the least of your problems, it’s the people you should be afraid of!’ We had many laughs and a few drinks.

I will definitely miss the movies with the ‘fun bobs’ ( I don’t know what that means, but I found out that’s what our weekly gathering’s called), I’ll miss meeting up at the cinemas in the evening on Mondays to watch even the wackiest movies from Hollywood, because it’s about the hanging out not the movie. I’ll miss all the cynical commentary and chants of ‘chick flick’ whenever we hear any corny line. I’ll miss all the laughs and fighting over salt or sugar popcorn. I’ll miss Jide’s Gummi worms.

Today, my office threw a send-off party after working there for nearly 5 years. I left with mixed feelings, joy that I’m starting something new and sadness that I’m leaving something and people that I’ve known for that long. There were many tears, mostly from me but there were lots of hugs too. Thinking back on my years with KIND, I realize that I’ve grown a lot since when I first joined the organization and I’ve learned a lot from working there. I’ll surely miss my colleagues who have become like my family.

I feel many emotions, most of it excitement for the new adventure, lots of heartfelt joy because my dream is coming true, relief that I’m finally getting to do what I’ve always wanted and fear that I’m out on my own now in this big bad world. I am going away to create new memories and pursue a dream that might be foolhardy but definitely worthy, crazy but exciting. I plan to thoroughly enjoy myself, take the difficult days in my stride and just generally have a blast!

It’s a new day.



Kush said...

all the best, hope it goes well. we look forward to seeing the pics

Adaure said...

AWESOME STUFF!!!! I am jealous... would kill a rat to be on this trip. Lol. Take plenty pictures and shoot video and let me know when you get back. Safe Travels

Naapali said...

Wishing you well.

Chioma said...

Thanks Adaure and Kush, will keep you posted.

Coral said...

You will be fine. I know it. You've always been a survivor (and a cheat! especially during races on the beach).

Have fun, get dirty and get some sand into *ahem*

Standtall said...

It is so interesting that u r living on my b'day 13th July as blogged about by Jeremy. It's a good sign. Rock sis!!! Good luck

Kiibaati said...

Someday, I will love to do this. Have a wonderful trip and keep posting!

!!Estella!! said...

Am proud of you Blue!(Chioma) Keep it up!
Let's talk! See your NR PM.

Anonymous said...

congrats girl,if ur heart tells u that u hve done the right thing then dont look back!